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Mischief Deities Chapter 6 Dehydration

Title: Mischief Deities 
Length: 6/41
Author: Xiao Jia and yummyfruit 
Rating: PG13 
Genre: agnst, humor, suspense, romance, and fluff.
Five singers.  Five sons.  Two lovers.  One fire.
To those of you out there who don't believe in love...
Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho had everything against them.  One, they're both boys.  Two, Jaejoong's parents would go to all ends to separate the two.  But what started as a typical battle between teenage love and the opposition of the elders ended up involving a murder that roots back to the glory days of the previous generation.  But Jaejoong and Yunho are not alone in their journey; always by their sides are three best friends who will literally limp around the entire city on a broken leg just to collect paper hearts in the altruistic goal to wake Jaejoong up from his dangerous coma that almost cost Yunho his own health.  What happens when Jaejoong remembers something from the past that might break down everything he and Yunho had built together? Why do Jaejoong's parents disapprove of Yunho, and only Yunho?  What is the connection between their parents?  In a society where love between boys are forbidden, will these two "best friends" overcome all the obstacles?  Featuring the DBSK boys, this story is a dramatic narrative of love, friendship, and family, and how, sometimes, it takes love to hate, and vice versa.  Enjoy.

Previous chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

changmin IS supposed to be straight in this story... but, just like that little treat for the yoosu fans, there is a little treat here for the jaemin fans. if ur not, just don't read anything as jaemin and you'll be fine. so anyways, enjoy!

Ch. 6 - Dehydration

It was Friday, our fifth day of practicing. We’ve been dancing everyday after school in the gym, with Yunho taking the role of teacher. I looked at Junsu enviously. He had the whole thing down. How could he learn so fast? I looked at Yunho, who was, at the moment, correcting the moves of one of the girls. Then I looked at Yoochun, who was also having trouble remembering what Yunho had showed us. Well, either that or he was just distracted because he kept on looking in the direction of Bunny, who kept winking at him. What about Changmin? He was far away in a dark corner of the gym, practicing away. And then there was me. I sighed in frustration, brushing away the sweat on my forehead and right above my lips. By now Yunho was making his way over here, looking to his left and right at his “students” and giving pointers here and there. Then he got to me.

“You ok, Jaejoong?” He noticed that I was just kind of standing there, panting. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just have trouble remembering the steps.” “Here let me show you,” he said, smiling at me. “One,” he counted the beats as his body shifted from one position to another, “two,” I watched him and tried to follow along, “three,” Man I forgot my water bottle, “four,” suddenly there were stars in front of my eyes, “one,” Yunho’s image was becoming blurry, “two,” I felt my peripheral vision turning black, “three,” I really should’ve eaten more lunch and brought my water, “fo- Jaejoong!” No, I didn’t really faint. My vision just totally went away and I felt the floor slipping from under me. Fortunately, I fell right into Yunho so I didn’t have to suffer from a concussion.

My ears were working fine, and I heard everyone rushing over to me. Yunho had put me down against the cold floor to help cool me off, but my head was in his lap. He was fanning my face with his hand, I think, by the light breeze I was feeling. “Can someone get him some water?” I heard him ask in an urgent voice. “I’ll go!” Changmin’s voice sounded, also filled with worry. In two minutes Yunho was placing the mouth of the icy water bottle against mine, meticulously filling me up with what my body was lacking. As I drank, Yunho said, “Jaejoong, you should never forget to drink water, especially when you’re dancing. You’re really dehydrated right now, you know that? Aish...” Feeling much better, I opened my eyes slowly and Yunho raised me up to a sitting position, his arm still around my shoulders to prevent me from falling back. “Why don’t you just take a break, Jaejoong? I’ll sit with you on the bench. C’mon, let’s go,” he whispered softly to me, “Hey everyone else! Continue practicing! Don’t worry about Jaejoong, I’ve got him!” I’ve got him. You know, when you’re recovering from a collapse, that’s a really comforting phrase to hear.

The short walk to the benches was tiring, but I was leaning on Yunho the entire time, so it wasn’t that bad. Now that I wasn’t dancing, the gym was becoming really cold since the ac was turned on to the fullest. Since my sweat was still on me, I was starting to shiver from the cold and goosebumps appeared on my arms. Sitting on the bench, I was huddled over. “Jaejoong, what’s wrong? Are you still hurting somewhere?” Yunho asked from beside me. I shook my head. In a weak voice, I told him, “No. It’s just really cold in here.” Suddenly, warmth flooded me as Yunho wrapped both arms around me without any hesitation, brought his chin on top of my head, and asked, “Better?” Well, apart from feeling like a girl, I really was feeling much better. “Yeah. Thanks.” No no I wasn’t feeling anything negative towards feeling like a girl, it’s just that it was a... peculiar feeling. Kinda weird, that’s all. But hey, I wasn’t cold anymore, that’s what’s important right now.

Jaejoong’s so stupid. How could he forget to drink water?! Aish, making me so worried. And now he’s cold. Poor Jaejoongie. I hugged him tighter. I scanned the dancers to make sure everyone was doing the right moves. Oh. “Yah! Yoochun!!” He froze in his steps and looked up at me. “What?!” We both had to talk loudly because we were far away. “On beat three, your left foot should kick forward! Not backwards!” “Oh!! Thanks!” “No problem!!” As I looked at the rest of the dancers, I noticed that the girls were looking at me strangely as they did their moves. Hm? What? I wonder if there was something on my face...

“Yunho hyung.” "WAH!!" I jumped, my arms almost slipping off Jaejoong. It was Changmin, and he had popped up from behind me out of nowhere. I didn’t even see him walking towards me. My heart still thumping against my chest, I looked up at him. “Dude you scared me. Yes?” His gaze was stuck on the back of Jaejoong’s hunched back. I followed his eyes, which traveled from Jaejoong’s back to my arms around him to me. For some reason he didn’t look very happy. “Yes, Changmin?” I repeated. He cleared his throat and said, all the while his eyes glancing at the girls below us, “Those girls are talking about you.” “Huh? Why?” He fidgeted his feet. “They’re commenting on how you’re hugging Jaejoong hyung.” “Oh.” I get it. “Yunho hyung, why are you hugging Jaejoong hyung anyways? I have to admit your positions do look a bit...” “Jaejoong’s cold.” Realization came over Changmin’s face. “Oh. I see.”

But he just stood there awkwardly. Did he have a question about the dance? “Do you have anymore questions?” He looked at me speechlessly for one second longer than normal. Boy, Jaejoong was right. This boy thinks too much. After a long silence, he said, “You must be tired. Do you want me to hold him while you go stretch out a bit?” Aww. What a considerate boy. I smiled at him and replied, “Oh no that’s fine. I’m strong, haha. (He didn’t smile back. I cleared my throat awkwardly.)” “Ok then. Just let me know when you’re tired. I’m gonna go practice now.” I watched him walk down the benches and start practicing in his little corner again.

I just realized that Jaejoong had been very quiet all this time. With a bit of difficulty, I craned my neck to check if he had fallen asleep. Looking down, I only saw his eyelashes. That and the regular up and down of his back told me that he had indeed fallen asleep. Suddenly, I just registered something in my mind. I was holding a living thing. What the heck?


But seriously, when you actually think about that fact, like REALLY register that fact in your mind, it gives you a really warm feeling. I don’t think I’ve ever actually held onto another living thing, no not even a pet, for so long.... And so comfortably. Jaejoong’s frame wasn’t too big or too small. With my arms around him, I felt like I was hugging a really warm, soft pillow. And his hair against my chin and neck wasn’t scratchy at all. He had really silky hair.

I blinked.

For some reason, my arms suddenly tightened their hold.

I blinked again.

Something was happening inside of me...

THUMP THUMP THUMP. What the heck? THUMP THUMP THUMP. Man I was having such a good dream!!! THUMP THUMP THUMP. I opened my eyes and realized that I was still in the school gym. And on the bench. And... in Yunho’s arms. THUMP THUMP THUMP. What was that sound? It was... right against my ear. But... Yunho’s chest was right against my ear, wasn’t it? I could feel its warmth and his shirt’s cottony softness on my cheek. I hadn’t moved, and Yunho still thought I was asleep. I blinked and realized that his heartbeat had woken me up. Should I let him know I was awake? Now that my mind has been refreshed after the rest, I suddenly felt that our positions were a bit awkward. Ok really awkward. I wasn’t used to having a guy my age have practically his entire upper body stuck to me. Not to mention he was wearing a sleeveless top, so his arms were bare. I felt his bony chin on my head. THUMP THUMP THUMP. Why was his heart beating so hard? It wasn’t this loud when I fell asleep.

Ok, so awkward, right? But for some reason I didn’t move. I just stayed there. And listened to his heartbeat. THUMP THUMP THUMP. My eyelids were feeling heavy again. I couldn’t believe it myself........

........But I fell back to sleep.

It wasn’t until dinnertime, when everyone had already left the gym, did Yunho gently pat my arm, whispering, “Jae... Jae....” “Hmm?” I was still clinging on to my dream (being a winner at a singing contest.) “Time to wake up... It’s 7:40... Everyone else already left.” I opened my eyes and, having forgotten my position, automatically raised my face to where the voice was coming from: directly above my head. He was looking straight down into my face. Heck our noses touched. That’s how close we were. “Whoa!” I was totally and completely awake now. I jumped. His arms slipped. And that’s how I ended up with my face squished against the floor.

Still rubbing my face, I trailed behind Yunho going down the benches. Our footsteps echoed eerily in the big empty gym. I was afraid to talk because I didn’t want my voice to resonate loudly. But in any case, I was definitely HEARING a resonating voice. In my head. It was what Yunho had called me when he woke me up. Everyone else just called me Jaejoong, even my parents and my closest friends.


yay. look forward to ch.7! the talent show's comin' up! get ready to cheer for our boys! after all, they're dbsk, not only the greatest singers, but also rockin' dancers!!!


Title: Mischief Deities 
Length: 5/41
Author: Xiao Jia and yummyfruit 
Rating: PG13 
Genre: agnst, humor, suspense, romance, and fluff.
Five singers.  Five sons.  Two lovers.  One fire.
To those of you out there who don't believe in love...
Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho had everything against them.  One, they're both boys.  Two, Jaejoong's parents would go to all ends to separate the two.  But what started as a typical battle between teenage love and the opposition of the elders ended up involving a murder that roots back to the glory days of the previous generation.  But Jaejoong and Yunho are not alone in their journey; always by their sides are three best friends who will literally limp around the entire city on a broken leg just to collect paper hearts in the altruistic goal to wake Jaejoong up from his dangerous coma that almost cost Yunho his own health.  What happens when Jaejoong remembers something from the past that might break down everything he and Yunho had built together? Why do Jaejoong's parents disapprove of Yunho, and only Yunho?  What is the connection between their parents?  In a society where love between boys are forbidden, will these two "best friends" overcome all the obstacles?  Featuring the DBSK boys, this story is a dramatic narrative of love, friendship, and family, and how, sometimes, it takes love to hate, and vice versa.  Enjoy.

Previous chapters:
[1] [2] [3] [4]

ok, two things. One, Yoochun and Junsu are straight in this story,(maybe) but to those those yoosu fans, i've put in something that, if you've been reading closely, could be read as a yoosu bit. heehee. (but if ur not a yoosu fan, than u don't hav to see it as a yoosu bit.) Two, thanks to kissbunny for the dance idea and the male dominance joke. Very funny!


Ch. 5 – The Dancers

A week passed. Yunho seemed to have comfortably stepped into our group. He had found his niche. Everyday at lunch, he’d arrive at the table even earlier than me, and so every time I got to the table I’d see his wide welcoming smile and his daily, “Hi Jaejoong! (pat pat pat on the chair next to his) Sit here!” I’d nod politely and sit down, and then he’d go into his... soliloquies. “Oh today’s math test was so hard... Hey your face looks much better... Actually your face looks really good, like really - (that was on Wednesday, and I chocked on my noodles) - .... So is Junsu always so hyper?... And Changmin, is he always so quiet?...” etc etc etc. He’d go on and on until the others arrived, at which time he’d join in easily on their conversations. As time went on, I seemed to be able to gradually shake off that unexplainable feeling of guilt I had had towards Yunho. Compared to that first time I saw him after nine years, that time at the death of night where the feeling was so strong it had caused me to lose my mind and faint, I was faring much better now. At least, I was no longer hallucinating floods each time I got close to him. In any case, I’ve come to realize that it was very difficult to push away someone so warmhearted. After all, weren’t we best friends?

Today was Monday. With my lunchbag in hand, I looked in the direction of our table. Sure enough, Yunho was already seated there. He waved at me. I couldn’t help but smile back and give him a small nod as I head toward him. Pat pat pat. “Hi Jaejoong! Sit here!” As I sat down, I subconsciously thought to myself that even if he didn’t tell me to, I would’ve sat next to him too, I guess out of habit by now. “So how was your weekend?” he asked, picking up his dry turkey sandwich and looking at it distastefully. “Umm, it was okay, I guess. Had a lot of homework though,” I replied, looking at my own scrumptious curry rice and subtly glancing at his sandwich, which still hasn’t made it to his mouth. “Yeah, I know! This is a really hard school. All that homework on the first weekend!”

“What homework? I finished it all in an hour.” Changmin broke in in a low, subdued voice as he sat down on the other side of me. “Yah! You can’t talk about homework!” I punched him in the arm, annoyed at this little genius who was younger than me but in the same grade.

“OW!!” No no don’t worry about Min. That was me. I had a feeling all the food this kid eats just automatically turns into rock-hard muscle. Yunho laughed at me. I couldn’t help it. I also opened my mouth and let out a chuckle.

“Hey Yunho...” I eyed him. “What?” I eyed his sandwich. “So when are you gonna invite me over again?” His eyes lit up. “Huh? Dude you could even come over today after school! I thought you didn’t like coming over to my house anymore!” I felt really bad when I remembered how impolite I had been previously. “No no, I want to hang out with you. I think we should catch up. And...” “What?” he asked eagerly. I pointed at his sandwich, which was still whole, and laughed. “I could teach you some tricks on how to make better sandwiches. Or maybe even some other dishes.”

Changmin gave me the pointy elbow. “Hyung,” there was a slight whine in his voice, “how come you never taught me anything on food?” “And are you dying from dry sandwiches yet? Look at your plate.” Reluctantly he looked at the pile of noodles, rice, cakes, pancakes, buns, dumplings, and chicken wings stacked high in front of his face. Muttering something incoherent and looking childishly bitter, he took up his fork and dug into his noodles. I turned back to Yunho. “So afterschool okay today?” He nodded his head up and down rapidly.

“Hey you guys interested in dancing?” Yoochun asked as he and Junsu sat down opposite us. It was a pretty random question. “Umm, I’m not really that goo-“

But Yunho practically jumped up from his seat. “DANCING?! YEAH!! WHEN?! WHERE?!” Junsu piped up, “See, Yoochun’s dancer girlfriend is going to perform in the Talent Show next week with her dancing group, but they need five guys to join them since they only have five girls right now.” Yoochun nodded and added, “Yep, and I kinda... already... promised her that I’d get you guys to help her out.” Yunho was already jumping in place. “Yeah sure!! That’s sounds really fun! I was the Talent Show champion at my old school!” Yoochun looked at me. I sighed, Why not? I nodded at him. He clapped his hands together and smiled his irresistible smile, exclaiming, “And Junsu already agreed. All right then, we’ve got everybody!!”

With his cheeks stuffed full of food, Changmin muttered, “That’s right. I’m not even here.” Junsu gave him a poke on his left cheek (and if Changmin didn’t have such a big mouth I’m sure some food would’ve been pushed right out of his mouth), “Yah, what’s with you today? We already counted you in, cuz even if you say no, we’re still gonna drag you with us. There was no point in asking.” Changmin swallowed and stuffed in another large spoonful of cake defiantly. “So anyways,” Yoochun announced, “we’re gonna meet them today right after school in the gym. Rehearsal.”

I turned to Yunho. “Well, I suppose the cooking lessons are gonna have to wait.”

* * *

The scene that met us when we walked into the gym was terrifying. On the huge stage were five monstrously-sized flowers. All five of our faces were twisted in some configurations of horror as we eyed each other apprehensively. Upon closer look, we realized that the five rainbow-colored daisies had faces... and arms.... and legs.


Yoochun was the first one to recover as he put on his big big smile, opened his arms wide, and shouted, “Bunny!!!” The red daisy stopped dancing and deftly jumped off the stage and ran towards Yoochun’s arms. “Yoochun!!!” Hug. Yunho raised his eyebrows at me, as if saying, “Man, they’ve really made progress, haven’t they?”

“Aw, Yoochun. You brought your friends. Thank you!! Muah!!!” Yoochun, wearing a triumphant smile, replied, “No problem, Bunny! Muah!!!” Peck peck. Out of the corner of my eyes, Changmin gagged. “Ugh, I wish I didn’t eat so much. Yoochun is sickening,” he whispered. Junsu, also a dance fanatic, impatiently brushed past Yoochun and the flower that was sticking to him and clapped his hands, signaling he wanted attention. “All right! So let’s start already! Hey, Bunny (for some reason he emphasized the Bun syllable), so what’s the dance routine?” Yoochun and her unstuck and she quickly returned to the stage, shouting, “Positions, daisies!” And they showed us their part. Apparently, all us boys had to do was to raise them off the floor at one point in their dance. If you call it a dance.

Yunho’s face was classic during their whole routine. He looked like there was a scorpion stuck in his pants. As the daisies finished, Yunho leaned towards me and whispered, “I thought their costumes were the worst part. But... I think their dance is the worst part of their... dance.” I nodded. Yunho stepped forward. “Hey, good job! (Changmin gave me a look that seemed to say, “Your friend’s pretty good at being polite.”) Umm, listen, I’ve had a lot of dance and choreography experience, and I was wondering... (his voice was becoming gradually softer as all five of the daisies’ glares turned sour)... if you guys wanted some suggestions... (“Or a whole new routine,” I thought to myself).” Bunny, whose glare was relatively friendly, RELATIVELY, spoke up, “Oh. Well, we were thinking we were just gonna stick to this, since it took us a while to perfect it. (Junsu scratched his head furiously.) But I guess it wouldn’t hurt for you to show us what you had in mind.”

And that’s when we first saw Yunho dance. It was... how do I put it? Heart-stopping. After his “Ok... So I had THIS in mind,” he jumped on stage, gave me a smile, and started... uh... moving. REALLY well. Yoochun and Changmin were clapping without even knowing they were clapping. Junsu was wearing a dazed smile with his mouth open, his head bobbing up and down to Yunho’s strong beats. Changmin’s stomach discomfort seemed to have disappeared as he also discreetly tried to dance along with Yunho with only his index fingers. Yoochun, who, along with me, were probably the worst at dancing out of the group, just simply watched. Watched. BANG. Yunho finished with a jump off the stage. Still panting hard, he walked back towards us, sweat dripping from the ends of his bangs.

Turning to where the daisies had been watching, I was going to ask what they thought when we saw that the daisies had disappeared. Oh wait no, only those stupid costumes, which were now stashed in a dust-bunny-insfested corner. A light touch on Yunho’s shouder. A round-eyed Bunny squealed into Yunho’s face as she jumped up and down excitedly, “THAT WAS SO AWESOME!! CAN YOU PLEASE TEACH US?! WE’RE SOOOO GOING TO WIN THAT TALENT SHOW!!” Suddenly modest, Yunho looked at us with a shy smile, and when we all nodded excitedly, he turned back towards Bunny and said, “Sure. So basically, what I did up there was just what one person would do, right? So for our performance, we’re actually gonna have five guys and five girls, right? So I was thinking, we can have the guys do the dance I just did, and the girls would be the ‘puppets’ in front of the guys. So every move the guy does, the girl in front of him would move correspondingly as if there were strings connecting her and the guy. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah, and that’s such a good idea! Wow this dance is gonna rock!” Bunny exclaimed. Junsu piped in, “So the guys are basically gonna puppeteer the girls?” Yunho nodded, “Uh huh.” There was a playful smile on Junsu’s face as he was obviously thinking of something unusual. Of course, that’s not unusual for Junsu. I sighed, “What are you thinking, Junsu?” He giggled, “Heehee. I bet the audience would think we’re promoting male world dominance.” I can’t believe Yunho actually took that comment seriously and replied, “Oh... Well, we COULD have the guys all die at the end, like we could all fall down and have the girls standing up – “ One of the girls chimed in, “All boys should die.”

Bunny blinked confusedly and turned to her friend, “Wait, then how are we gonna reproduce?” Where was this conversation going? Changmin, who had actually been contemplating this issue, said in a very philosophical way, “Why don’t you keep one guy alive and reproduce with him? How about Yunho hyung?” All the girls actually looked happy at the idea, but Yunho scowled, “Do I look like a love-making machine to you?” Changmin shrugged and softly replied, “Not to me, per say. But maybe to some girls, yeah.” He nodded towards the five girls (including Bunny, whom Yoochun was eyeing nervously, hoping she still remembered she was his girlfriend).

I cleared my throat and quickly said, “All right, let’s start practicing then.” And effectively ended Changmin’s stupid joke right there. What? I just didn’t find it funny.


look forward to ch. 6! by the way, I find changmin's joke very funny. Along with everyone else. Just not Jaejoong... duh. muahahaha.
Silent reader..beware..im soo coming after you =<

mischief Deities

 Title: Mischief Deities
Length: 4/41
Author: Xiao Jia and yummyfruit
Rating: PG13
Genre: agnst, humor, romance, suspense and fluff.
Summary: Five singers.  Five sons.  Two lovers.  One fire.
To those of you out there who don't believe in love...
Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho had everything against them.  One, they're both boys.  Two, Jaejoong's parents would go to all ends to separate the two.  But what started as a typical battle between teenage love and the opposition of the elders ended up involving a murder that roots back to the glory days of the previous generation.  But Jaejoong and Yunho are not alone in their journey; always by their sides are three best friends who will literally limp around the entire city on a broken leg just to collect paper hearts in the altruistic goal to wake Jaejoong up from his dangerous coma that almost cost Yunho his own health.  What happens when Jaejoong remembers something from the past that might break down everything he and Yunho had built together? Why do Jaejoong's parents disapprove of Yunho, and only Yunho?  What is the connection between their parents?  In a society where love between boys are forbidden, will these two "best friends" overcome all the obstacles?  Featuring the DBSK boys, this story is a dramatic narrative of love, friendship, and family, and how, sometimes, it takes love to hate, and vice versa.  Enjoy.

Previous chapters: [1] [2] [3]

kk ch. 4 now! readers, do notice that jj's sense of "guilt" keeps on popping up everytime he sees yunho. just kinda, eh, keep that in mind. as for why, not even jj himself knows. also notice the motif of natural disasters. -xiao jia.

Ch. 4 – Meeting the Friends

Something was happening to me. I couldn’t move. I vaguely registered the fact that I was probably being quite impolite just standing there as he hugged me and said things really fast and jumped up and down and, oh dear... even a light peck on the cheek. My head was cracking open. I was sure of it. My eyes weren’t seeing the street and night and this old neighbor. I was seeing... water. A flood. Water shooting out from the horizon and speeding at us. A part of my mind knew I was hallucinating. The water came closer. It knocked down trees and streetlights. I could feel the icy droplets on my face. I couldn’t feel Yunho’s arms anymore. I felt like I was standing alone, right there in front of an oncoming flood.

Gone. That reasonable part of my mind was gone now. CRASH. I closed my eyes as I felt the slap of the freezing water on my face, through every strand of hair, against my chest. I fell backwards. Was I drowning? Blackness.

* * *

Music. It was Mozart’s 40th Symphony. The first thought that barged into my mind was something along the lines of “Who in the world still listens to classical music?!” The second thought was “Where was I?” I opened my eyes and saw where the music was coming from: a majestic stereo system against the wall opposite this white spongy bed I was on. I turned my head to the right and almost jumped up. Yunho was kneeling right against the bed, his head resting on his arms, staring at me with a freakily childish smile. (author's note: i hope this looks familiar! )

“Feeling better, Jaejoong?” By now I was sitting up. Weakly, I nodded.

“I put on some classical music for ya, Jaejoong. It helps rest the mind, Jaejoong. Hey Jaejoong do you want something to drink Jaejoong?” I shook my head. His excessive calling of my name was starting to get on my nerves though. “How... How did I end up here?” “Oh, you passed out. And I didn’t know where you lived, so I brought you here, my room. Looks familiar, doesn’t it? I moved everything back the way it used to be. Cool huh?”

Cool? Well, it would’ve been awesome if I wasn’t freaking out about two things. One, it was 12:07 pm and I wasn’t in school... on the first day of school. Two, my parents had probably already reported me as “kidnapped from house” or “missing” to the police.

“What’s wrong?”
“We’re not in school...”
“No worries. I already called the school and reported us sick. So chill, we’re excused.”
“And my parents are going to kill me when they know that I was out walking at two in the morning and then spent the night at someone else’s house.”
“So? What’s wrong with sleepovers?”

I fidgeted uncomfortably. Had Yunho always been so slow? Again, my memory failed me. “They’re... going to jump to conclusions.” He blinked at me blankly. “They’re going to assume I spent the night at a girl’s house or something like that.” Yunho shrugged and said, “Just tell them the truth. Tell them you passed out and I let you stay at my place. Plus, I’m a guy. So they won’t have to worry about you getting anyone pregnant.” He grinned innocently. I, on the other hand, didn’t find that funny at all. I had a feeling umma and appa wouldn’t believe the truth. I knew they’d assume the worst from me, that they’d assume I would do the intolerable acts an 18-year-old boy would do on an unsupervised night. “I have to go.”

He blinked again, confusion blurring his features. “Oh.” I could tell he was surprised at my coldness and distance. I remembered how enthusistically he had flund himself at me last night, and that painfully large smile as he laughed and shouted my name. His ecstatic voice sounded in my head. “HAHAHAHA!! Jaejoooooooooongie!!!!” Sorry, but I just couldn’t see myself shouting back, “HAHAHAHA!! Yunho!!!!!!!” Honestly, just looking at him made me feel guilty. I guess I’m not good friendship material. “Right, well, I won’t force you to stay if you want to go...” he said in a suddenly-formal voice, standing up stiffly. He didn’t look too happy, but I had more important things to worry about. Plus, there was a sense of relief in leaving him. There was something about his eyes that made me really... nervous? Scared? Yeah, a mixture of these, along with a suffocating sense of guilt. I couldn’t explain why.

Without even looking at him I brushed past him and walked out this room that held so much memories, down the stairs, and out the front door into the bright and sunny streets. When I tumbled into my own house, which, running like crazy, was only seven minutes away from Sarang Street, my parents were seated at the breakfast table, but there was nothing on it. Just these two fuming heads hunched over on the empty table. It was a pretty intimidating sight if you knew this pair of man and woman.

Well, I won’t go into details about what happened next. Basically, my face is now red and puffy and I had to sign a bunch of papers at the police station to prove that I was truly “recovered.” I felt like a piece of lost luggage.

It was the second day of school. Lunchtime. As always I was the first to arrive at our table. Maybe it was because I never had to wait in the lunchline because umma always packed my lunch for me. My mother... She has her nice moments too, actually. Honestly, my parents can be really caring sometimes, it’s just their way of going about things that sometimes put a damper on my day. Anyways, I was about to pick up my chopsticks when suddenly everything went black. On my eyes were hands.

“Yah, Jaejoong! Where were you yesterday?” I wasn’t in the mood for... well... for Junsu. I was more in the mood for, hmm... maybe Changmin with a splash of Yoochun. Those cooking books were getting to my head. Junsu took his hands off, took me by both shoulders, and swiveled me around to face him. “Whoa!! What happened to your face?!” His signature cutesy eyes popped open, making him look even more like an earless bunny. “What are you talking about?” I asked him weakly, trying to glide over this subject. I swiveled my chair back but he instantly swiveled me back towards him. “Dude your face!!! It’s like a red balloon!!!!” Oh Junsu. Him and his what everyone called his “stadium voice.” More than several heads turned to my table. I noticed eyes staring at my cheeks.

Usually, I’d be excited to be the center of attention – ok I’ll interrupt the narration just this once to say: I’m just so hot – but not when I look like a monkey’s behind. I let out a sigh of relief as I saw Yoochun and Changmin walking towards us with their lunch trays. Changmin’s eyes lingered on my face but he didn’t say anything as he set down his lunch and sat across from me. He cleared his throat softely, then, without even acknowledging our presence, took up his chopsticks and stuffed bite after bite into his mouth. That was one thing I liked about that kid: he rarely talked. We used to tease him about his elephantine appetite, “Minnie’s mouth is too tired from chewing to talk.” At the moment, though, I was glad he was using his mouth for eating.

With a sigh, Yoochun also sat down, next to Junsu, who has resorted to elbowing Yoochun annoyingly and looking back at me and him pointedly, back and forth. Yoochun nodded repeatedly at him, a s if to say, “Ok, Junsu, I get it already! Jae got in some trouble with the Sharks.” Oh yeah, by the way, in our conversations, we refer to my notoriously scary parents as the Sharks. Get the image? Good. One, we could talk about them right in front of their face – “So when are the Sharks leaving? I wanna get to the ice cream already” (Junsu talking at my house). Two, heck it’s a pretty accurate metaphor.

So Yoochun. In a way he was similar to Changmin in that he had the physical capability to keep his lips together (or, in the case of eating, keeping his voice box from vibrating). On the other hand, while Changmin’s always silent and thinking (about what I’m not sure), Yoochun’s just... well to put it directly, too lazy to talk. But you should really see how he comes alive when a pretty girl walks by. Let’s just say we call him the Transformer. Yeah, like that toy in that commercial with that special effect that speeds things up.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. Next to Junsu, I was the loudest one of the group. Usually bits of food would be flying out of my mouth (and onto Yoochun’s expressionless face, usually right between his eyes or on his forehead) because I have trouble waiting until I’ve swallowed my bite to talk. I’m very different around my friends compared to when I’m around my parents.

Minnie was by now facing three empty plates and was eyeing my seafood pancake with, seriously, green eyes. I pushed it to him as I totally lost my appetite when I saw HIM walking towards our table. New student. All alone. And by the fixed way he was looking at me as he came closer and closer I knew he was determined to get all buddy-buddy with me. Again. Changmin, with a tiny piece of squid still stuck to his lips, also saw him approaching. Min followed Yunho’s gaze and ended up looking at me. “Yung, you know him?” Yoochun and Junsu turned around and looked at Yunho and me curiously.

He arrived at our table. Still standing at holding his lunch tray in his hands, he spoke up. “Jaejoong, what happened to your face?” I looked down at my food and shrugged. “Oh! Are you Jae’s friend?” Junsu piped up. “Are you new? I’ve never seen you around before. Where ya from? What’s your name? Are you also a senio-“

“Junsu hyung, “Changmin broke in, “can you come with me to get a drink from the vending machine?” I had a feeing the kid wasn’t actually thirsty. They left the table, Junsu somewhat reluctantly as he kept on turning his head back to peep at Yunho.

Now it was just the three of us sitting awkwardly at the table. You could tell Yoochun was mildly curious. But then... A pretty girl walked past our table. I just blinked. That was all the time it took. Yoochun’s seat was empty and his fork was still spinning to a rest on his plate.

“Everyone’s gone. So tell me, you DO remember me, right?” Yunho flat-out asked me from across the table. “Hm? Of course.” “Well, maybe I’m just being too sensitive, but you seem really... distant.” “Oh really? Hmm.” “Like right now.” I couldn’t look at his face, especially those accusatory eyes. Once again that feeling of guilt was stabbing my guts. Literally, it hurt. He sighed in resignation, “So your face. What happened?” “Got in trouble with the Sh- my parents.” “Oh! Because of last night?”

I nodded, still staring fixedly at my noodles. “So... they physically hit you?” I shrugged. “No big deal. They just love me too much.”

“WE’RE BAAAAAAAACK!!!” Hippity hoppity hop. Junsu the rabbit flopped down onto his chair and Changmin sat down with some difficulty with eight drinks in his arms. “I suddenly felt like being nice so I bought Min all his favorite drinks,” Junsu said, puffing out his chest as Changmin shot him a poisonous look. “That’s a lot of drinks,” came Yoochun’s voice as he also returned, now with a victorious smirk on his face and a skip in his steps. He was recharged. “Let me guess,” Junsu said, “new girl?”

Winking at us deviously, Yoochun held up his cellphone for all of us to see that the girl’s phone number was in. “Oh, and she’s a dancer. Ha, I SO hit the jackpot. Anyways, we've got a date Saturday..."


look forward to ch. 5!

it Doesn't Always Go Like That..

Title: it Doesn't Always Go Like That..
Author: yummyfruit a.k.a kissbunny
Pairing: JaeMin
Length: One-Shot
Rating: pg-13
genre: comedy, crack and fluff.
Disclaimer: obviously im not a pimp so i do not own them.

 it Doesn't Always Go Like That..

its my soul, my life!
Yes. Food + Ipod = soul + life

"jaejoong, what was that?" Changmin asked with apprehention while eating his kimbab.
"Um....I was doing the dishes while listening to the Ipod and..."
"Who's Ipod was it?"
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!! I'll buy you a new one!!"
"That and also food!!!"
"That and food and....how about me tonight?"
Changmin's eyes sparkled in mischief.
"I'm down with that!" he said to the blushing Jaejoong.

Mischief Deities

Title: Mischief Deities
Length: chaptered. 3.
Author: Xiao Jia and yummyfruit
Rating: PG13
Genre: agnst, humor, romance, suspense. 
Summary: And nothing can I call my own but love.

note: i like abandoned posting this at detox for so long......but not going to anymore...all the chapters are completed but I am going to post this one chapter by chapter.


Ch. 3 – Oh I Remember You! (... I think...)

Jaejoong's p.o.v

6:59 pm. The dishes were stacked, the laundry was clean and put in their respective closets, and the marks left by the vacuum were still prominent on the spotless carpet. Freakishly – but I’ve gotten used to it – the garage door opened at exactly 7:00 and in stepped my exhausted-looking parents.
“Dishes done?”
“Did your studying?”
“Laundry done?”
“Did your studying?”
“Carpet vacuumed?”
“Did your studying?”
I nodded silently as they walked past me without even looking at me. Dad gave mom an annoyed look. “Why do you make him do all this women’s work? It’s a waste of time. He could've spent that time studying.”

Mom glared at Dad. “Study study study! I’m telling him to do all this so he wouldn’t study all day and grow up to be a walking calculator like you!”

They were at it again. As I noiselessly walked up the stairs and slipped into the peace and quiet of my own room, I heard their voices rise. Why does this happen every night? I’m not allowed to, but I couldn’t resist it today. CLICK. I locked my door. It gave me a sense of separation from the world outside. Their argument was pointless anyways, since when I wasn’t doing the chores, I wasn’t studying either.

Oh I drew a bit. Practiced singing for a while. Took a walk around my neighborhood. Listened to music. Practiced cooking. Took an afternoon nap. Stared out the window. Basically, I relaxed. Isn’t that what summer’s all about? I flopped down onto my bed and smothered my face in my thick pillow, trying to drown out the voices from below. But suddenly my door sounded like it was being torn down by King Kong. Wait no, it was mom. Hmm close enough.

“KIM JAEJOONG WHY IS YOUR DOOR LOCKED AGAIN?!” Quickly, I jumped to my feet and dashed to open the door. Great. Caught with a locked door. Again. She was standing in the dark doorway but I could still (very unfortunately) make out her furious expression. “Yes umma?” And she yelled at me with all the energy she had, which was shockingly a lot considering how tired she looked when she walked into the house half an hour ago.

“Study your life away then!! Don’t do anything else!! I’ll see how you turn out!!! Why do I even spend effort on you?!!? That father of yours seems to have your whole life under control!! I’ll just leave the two of you alone!! I’ll go find a better life!! Don’t give me that look!! I know you can’t wait to get away from this home!! Counting down the days to college, huh?! Well, I can’t wait either!!” And with that she turned and stalked off into her room, slamming the door so hard my eardrums almost burst. I was guessing mom lost the argument. Before I could even recover, dad thumped up the stairs and barged into my room, his face crimson and his bulging eyes darting back and forth as if in a trance. He also yelled.

“Don’t you ever do those stupid, time-wasting things again! And 18-yr-old boy, washing dishes and doing laundry... It’s outrageous!!” He huffed and puffed for a minute before seeing me. “Well what are you doing standing here?! Go sit down and study!!!” And he stormed out of my room. Dazed, I did as I was told and pathetically sat down at my desk. My arms felt numb, but they managed to drag a textbook and flip to a random page. And I stared at the words getting blurrier and blurrier. It was finally silent in the house. Well, except the concise TA of a tear dropping onto the page. TA. TA. I was good at crying without sobbing. I guess it was because I had a lot of... practice. Not fair, I thought as I shook my head slowly, back and forth. TA TA TA. Why do they take everything out on me? I wasn’t the one who argued with them; they argued with each other.

And so, once again, just like so many times in the past, I watched the clock. And waited for freedom. 8:30 pm. 9:30. 10 :30. 11:30. 12:30. 1:30. Finally, at 2:30, I heard dad’s booming snores resonating in the house. Putting my iPod in my jeans pocket, I noiselessly opened my door, tiptoed down the stairs, and, automatically, my finger pressed the disabling button on our ADT Alarm System. That was a must. If I don’t disable it, the motion sensors in the house would trigger the alarm... and the whole universe would hear BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP!!!! and explode. Even worse, my parents would wake up and see just how psychotic I’ve become to crave for a walk of freedom at 2:30 in the morning right before school starts.

I locked the door behind me and trotted down the three brick steps onto the sidewalk. It was silent. Peaceful. The usually-congested street was deserted, its only inhabitant a misty layer of orange that came from streetlights. Through my iPod, I could still hear the rhythmic orchestra of the crickets who, if you don’t listen actively, you wouldn’t even hear. The same rule applies to birds, clocks, and people who prefer talking with their heart rather than their mouth. Now that I was alone, I could cry in peace, at leisure. Cry at myself and my incompetence. Cry at umma and her harsh words that dripped in hatred. Cry at appa and his strict rules. I was holding my iPod in one hand, and with the other I wiped my eyes.

“Oh!” CLAT. A sudden, ear-killing silence. My music was roughly pulled out of my ears by the intolerant pull of gravity when my iPod slipped from my hand. Someone had bumped into me.

“Sorry. I’m so sorry!” A guy’s voice. Low. But there was a tinge of familiarity in it.

* * *
* * *

My heart beat nervously and guilty as I stooped to pick up the iPod he dropped because of my stupid inability to keep my eyes open while walking. “Here’s your iPod. I’m really sorry. I-I thought I’d be the only one this...” I took in his mouth... “late...” his nose... “at...” his eyes... “niiiiight...” My voice completely trailed off. My mouth stopped working as I saw his face in the orange light. Oh dear mother of Bambi it was him. Kim Jaejoong. I vaguely registered that his face still showed confusion. I stared. He stared back with what I was sure mirrored my own expression. He must have been thinking the same thing. Is that really him? Was the dim streetlight playing tricks on the eyes? I watched his large black eyes scan my face as I took in the wetness of his lower eyelashes and the diamond-like glittering of his pupils. It was obvious he had been crying.

I exhaled sharply. “You can’t be... Kim Jaejoong... Are you??”
CLAT. He dropped his iPod. Oh the poor thing. The iPod, I mean.

“Yun-Yunho? Jung Yunho?” I smiled and nodded. There was something rising in me. Happiness. I found him!! “HAHAHAHA!! Jaejoooooooooongie!!!!” I burst out laughing. Finally! I stepped forward and swung my arms around his shoulders. I was so excited I didn’t even notice his stunned but troubled expression.... nor the fact that he didn’t even hug me back.


ok so at the MOMENT... i'm hating jaejoong's parents... hahaha, and i'm not liking jaejoong's coldness...but he HAS to be this cold... because of the secret... the secret... ok ok i hav to resist from telling... just kno that there's a reason poor jaejoong is so cold right now. please don't blame him! <3


directory of my fics.

So I put all my fics in a neat directory. still having troubles with fake link things but yea.

Chaptered fics.

Mischief Deities
Chapter 1:http://yummyfruit.livejournal.com/867.html
Chapter 2: http://yummyfruit.livejournal.com/1192.html


Once upon a Full Moon: http://yummyfruit.livejournal.com/1446.html

Once Upon a Full Moon

Title: Once Upon a Full Moon.....
Length: one shot.
Author: yummyfruit a.k.a kissbunny
Rating: pg13
Genre: whatever makes your heart melt...
Summary: Can i say anything else? I love you.


Once upon a Full Moon.....

Those simple gestures mean so much to me, so intimate yet nothing sexual. Those moments when it's time to let go, it's always "one more minute", "one more minute" between us.
Does time fly by that fast when we're holding each other's hands? That kiss you softly planted on my shoulder this morning made me melt into soft cream. It makes me happy because it shows that you care. It shows that our relationship isn't based on sex or flings. It's so much more. Those simple gestures speak for themselves. They tell me you love me more and more.
When you cry for me, I can see the love in your eyes and in those tears you shed.  Don't cry.... because if you do, I will too.
You gently press your lips against mine...I feel the love in your touch. Such a tender moment it is.
When you sing for me or even talk to me, I hear the love drifting from your voice.
We hold each other tightly in bed after a long, tiring but satisfying day of practices, photo shoots and interviews. One minute, you were trying to make fun of me, and the next...you were whispering comforting words to bring my stress down. But you forgot the fact that you were just as tired and stressed out as I was. Don't worry; I promise to make you happy forever, Jaejoong. I'll take care of you.
That night, I realize that we are not just dating, Jaejoong. And I say something that makes you smile and blush, I realize you are not just my boyfriend; not just my lover or even just a future husband. No...not just that....
You're so much more Jaejoong, so much more… 


Mischief Deities- Ch.2 Yunho's Return.

Title: Mischief Deities
Length: Chapters.
Author: Xiao Jia and yummyfruit
Rating: PG13
pairings: Yunjae/jaeho.
Genre: agnst, humor, romance, suspense.


... and here's Yunho!

Ch. 2 – Yunho’s Return

I’m back. I’m finally back. I parked in the deserted driveway of 104 Sarang Street. My lovely old house. The previous family had apparently taken good care of it. It looked the same as nine years ago. Now it’s mine once again. I’m of age now, and with the money my parents left me, I didn’t wait a second to buy my old house back. I missed this place. The first thing I checked was the backyard. I ran around the house to where the playground was in my memory. What I saw, however, was just nothingness. Flattened. Just a wide spread of boring brass. Where did the slide go? The bars? The swings? They were a big deciding factor when it came to buying the house or not.

Kim Jaejoong. That’s it. That’s who I could ask about my disappearing playground. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself when I thought of him. I wonder if he still remembers me. I sure remember him. He was, and still is, my best best friend.

106 Sarang Street. That’s it. Just the house next door. Hmm... I scanned the flimsy-looking roof and the ships of wood on the door. The Kims sure could do with some renovating here and there. I took in the peeling paint and the spiderweb-infested windows. Or everywhere.

DING DOIIIIIIIINNNG. Yep. Even the doorbell was out of tune. Click. I heard the lock move on the other side of the door. Hmm, I didn’t even hear footsteps toward the door. EEEEEEK. Another to add to the list: creaky door hinges. I felt my eyes almost pop out of my sockets as I saw the person who opened the door. I’m sure my jaw also dropped. Oh no! What happened to Jaejoong?! He stood there, with tangled hair, a slumped back, hunched shoulders, and wobbly knees. On his face was a thick layer of a green, goopy substance.

“Jaejoong! What happened to you?!” And that was when he – I mean, she – spoke. On one hand, I was extremely relieved that it wasn’t my best friend who had become some sort of shriveled-up shrimpy monster, but on the other hand, man was I creeped out. The old grandma gave me what I assumed was a smile, showing her brown, chipped teeth. “Little boy,” her voice was so sticky it could trap a spider (maybe it did), “you’re mistaken. I’m not Jaejoong...” Bigger smile. I nodded at her nervously, trying to convey to her that okay I get it you’re not Jaejoong so I’m just gonna go now – “ – I’m a lonely old lady who needs some... (I think her eyebrows moved...) company.” I laughed nervously.

“Oh. So.. umm.. do you know where the Kims are?” Her smile disappeared. Gravely, she nodded her head, but her neck was so small I had already subconsciously raised my hands, ready to catch her head if it fell off. Catch people’s heads, now that’s good citizenship. “They moved four years ago. I’m the owner of this house now.” MY head didn’t fall, but my face sure did. “So... do you know where they moved to?” She shook her head, and once again I had to suppress the urge to hold a plate up to her neck. Just in case.

Dejected, I scuffled away. No old friend. No playground. I depressedly walked into my new – well, old – house, only to see that everything inside was empty. I had forgotten that all my stuff were still on their way in a couple of Uhauls. I guess I had assumed to see the same old furnitures, paintings on walls, and flower vases as nine years ago.

I wonder where Jaejoong is. Maybe we’ll be in the same high school. Classes start tomorrow. I hope I’ll see a familiar face there. Senior year, man. It’s supposed to be hard as anything before the college entrance exam, and pointless afterwards.

Finally, in the evening, my belongings arrived. By nighttime, all the furnitures were back in place, and I looked at my house proudly. I was sweaty and still panting from all the pushing and pulling of heavy tables and weighty book shelves. Time for a nice warm shower. I felt my eyelids droop as I languidly picked up my feet, walking up the steps to the second level, where the bedrooms and bathrooms were located.

I felt very much refreshed when I stepped out, though. It was 12:43 in the morning, a decent time to hit the hay considering school starts tomorrow morning at 8:00 am. But after much tossing and turning on my spongy bed, I realized that I should’ve taken that terribly refreshing shower in the morning, when I actually want to be awake. I groaned in frustration, longing for those heavy eyelids I had had before the shower. I checked the digital clock on my night table. 2:30 am, the huge red numbers laughed at me. Where did the time go? Sighing, and muttering “might as well, might as well...” I sat up and changed out of my pajamas and into a casual outfit. A new wave of excitement came over me. Time to explore this city after dark...

Chapter One-The Nightmare.

Title: Mischief Deities
Length: Chapters.
Author: Xiao Jia and yummyfruit
Rating: PG13
Genre: agnst, humor, romance, suspense.
Summary: Five singers.  Five sons.  Two lovers.  One fire.
To those of you out there who don't believe in love...
Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho had everything against them.  One, they're both boys.  Two, Jaejoong's parents would go to all ends to separate the two.  But what started as a typical battle between teenage love and the opposition of the elders ended up involving a murder that roots back to the glory days of the previous generation.  But Jaejoong and Yunho are not alone in their journey; always by their sides are three best friends who will literally limp around the entire city on a broken leg just to collect paper hearts in the altruistic goal to wake Jaejoong up from his dangerous coma that almost cost Yunho his own health.  What happens when Jaejoong remembers something from the past that might break down everything he and Yunho had built together? Why do Jaejoong's parents disapprove of Yunho, and only Yunho?  What is the connection between their parents?  In a society where love between boys are forbidden, will these two "best friends" overcome all the obstacles?  Featuring the DBSK boys, this story is a dramatic narrative of love, friendship, and family, and how, sometimes, it takes love to hate, and vice versa.  Enjoy.

first chapter! yay! enjoy! oh yeah, by the way, if you think this is gonna go on to become a pink and fluffy lovey-dovey yunjae story with plenty comical moments from yoominsu... well you're right. but if you think that's all.... ahem, all i can tell you is you've gotta keep reading to the end of the story. haha but don't worry about that now, this is only the beginning. smile.gif

Chapter 1 – The Nightmare

I had the dream again. What a killer room. Crammed full with the latest toys and car models. In my dream, Yunho and I were playing that racecar video game. “Aah! You beat me again,” he whined in the dream. I grinned at him and said, “Yunho, your turns are too fast, that’s why you’re always crashing into the cones.” He pouted. We were both 9 years old, back when he was still my next-door neighbor. Back when I still lived on Sarang Street. It was a fun-filled childhood. Everyday afterschool I’d hang out at Yunho’s house. Sarang Street was pretty weird. We were the only kids in the neighborhood, and the houses came in all different shapes and sizes. Oddly, they were just placed one after another. My old house was just a bit more decent than a shack while his was a mansion, with a 4-car garage and a playground in his backyard that his parents were nice enough to make public for any kid who wanted to play on it. Monkey bars. Swings. Slide. The whole shebang. Basically, it was our kingdom, Yunho and I, because there were no other kids in the neighborhood.

Suddenly, the mood of my dream changed. This wasn’t the first time it’s happening. Out of nowhere, Yunho’s room window cracked, then, SHAAAX!! it shattered into a million pieces. Give or take a couple hundred shards that flew at us like deadly bullets. One was pointed straight at Yunho’s chest. “Duck Yunho!” I didn’t need to tell him twice. He quickly flopped on his belly, just when the sharp piece of glass grazed the ends of his hair. Panting, he made to crawl over to where I was sprawled. I stretched my arm towards him. “C’mon! Take my hand! I think it’s a tornado!”

B-B-BOOM!! The house growled and trembled like my dad when he saw my report card. Ok, the house was just a bit worse.

Yunho’s hand never even touched my fingertips. Just when he was about to grab my hand, the whole house tipped over to one side, and Yunho’s whole body just... rolled. Away from me. I only caught the stunned look in his eyes before he rolled right out the broken window. Gone. There was only his blood leftover on some of the sharp parts of what’s left of the window. The house tipped back onto level ground, but everything outside was just a massive blur. I was right. It was a giant tornado, and it was right outside the window, where Yunho fell out.

“YUNHO!!” But I saw the fuzzy image of his body spinning in the tornado, high above me, above the roof of the house. I think he was screaming, but the wind’s cacophonous chorus was so chaotic. I picked up traces of my best friend’s voice. “Jae... oong! ....on’t... eave.... eeeeeee!!” Somehow, since this was after all a dream, I was able to tell what he was shouting. “Jaejoong! Don’t leave meeeee!!”

But things were out of my control. The tornado spun faster and moved on, sliding to the right, bringing Yunho with him. No! Yunho! Come back! Come back!

“COME BACK YUNHO!!” I sat up screaming, sweat dripping down my burning face. Oh wait. That one was a tear. I was still crying. “Come back...” my mouth was still muttering from the momentum of my previous shout, but I quickly realized there never was a tornado. Just the same nightmare that I’ve already had four times this week. The exact same nightmare.

By breakfast, the effects of my nightmare had already worn off. I was eating some toast across the table from my never-smiling parents. “Have you packed your backpack for tomorrow?” dad's gruff voice floated over his morning paper, his face entirely hidden by the grim front page ("TWO TEENAGERS KILLED IN LOCAL HURRICANE"). Today was the last day of summer vacation. I had to spend the entire three months studying, especially since I was a rising senior. Yep, 18 years old. The “difficult age,” as my mother would always spitefully say whenever I do something she doesn’t approve, like putting socks in the underwear drawer. Yeah. Kill me now.

“Yes. It’s all ready," I replied stiffly. Dad nodded seriously, as if he was the general of a soldier (me) getting ready for some kind of world war. Wiping their mouths, they rose and, like robots, picked up their respective bags. “We’re off to work. Don’t forget to do the laundry, dishes, and vacuum the rooms,” umma ordered with her hand on the doorknob. “Ok. Bye.” After the garage door closed, I sighed into my plate. I’m not complaining about the chores. I mean, considering I have until seven in the evening to myself, they won’t take up all of my time. It’s just that sometimes I wish those two people I call “umma” and “appa” could be a bit more... well... umma-ish and appa-ish.

Peacefully chewing on my toast, I looked out the window at the trees outside. This house was bigger (and much more expensive) than my old house on Sarang Street, the one next to Yunho’s old house before he moved. Speaking of Yunho...

Images of the nightmare flashed before my eyes. Goosebumps appeared on my arms as I recalled that one particular feeling when Yunho rolled away from sight and got picked up by that monstrous tornado to who knows where. He was my childhood best friend, but he moved away when we were both nine. I hate to be cynical, but when two little friends go out of touch for nine years (we’re both 18 now), you kinda just put that person in the corner or a storage box in your mind. Honestly, up until just this week when those nightmares started, I’ve completely forgotten about that boy who used to invite me over to his place to play. Even more shameful of me is that I remember more of this awesome house than him. I could still tell you, even now, which games and toys and model cars he had on which shelf in his room.

But I can’t tell you what Yunho’s face looked like. Oh well, no need to feel bad about that, it’s not like he’s coming back. I vaguely remembered that his parents had died in a boating accident and he had to go live with his aunt or something like that. Hm, poor kid.

But then again, that feeling I distinctly felt towards HIM in the nightmare. When the house tipped over and all his shelves crashed, I didn’t care one bit about the shattered toys. Instead, I had cried and shouted and panicked for HIM. No no no. What was so unusual about that? Of course I’d worry about a fellow human being instead of materialistic things. Duh.

I swallowed my bite of toast. But then again, that feeling of loss and... how do I put it... lack of control... was unusually strong...

I closed my eyes and shook my head. Why was I even killing brain cells over this? It was just a nightmare. It’s not like I’ll ever see him again. It’s not like he’s a big part of my life. It’s not like the nightmare will actually come true...


Ch. 2 coming up soon! smile.gif